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Tech Vendors:  How to Prepare for Sales Success during Hospitality’s Golden Age

BlogImage1CloudsWingWho’s traveling? The Boomers, the Millennials and the Chinese.

July 2016 – I was delighted to hear Chris Nassetta’s comments about our industry during the recent New York Investment Conference, for two reasons.  First, as the mother of 1 daughter, I admire anyone with 6 daughters. And second, he has rock solid experience in the global hospitality industry.  Just ask anyone who knows Mr. Nassetta, currently CEO of Hilton Worldwide.

“Frankly, I think for the rest of our lives, all things being equal, are going to be fantastic in terms of what’s going to happen in travel, tourism, and hospitality,” Nassetta told attendees at the 38th annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference.

It is a golden opportunity for tech providers. What are you doing about it?

Many hotel companies will attend tradeshows and acquire new systems to grow. These include business intelligence systems, mobile solutions, all-in-one Property Management Systems, wayfinding, energy management, and CRM-based marketing to increase revenue and profitability.

Hoteliers look for technology that helps them meet the demands of today’s guests, which are:

  • A personalized experience,
  • Value from their hotel stay, and
  • A unique travel experience. Guests are willing to pay for it.

With that in mind, here is my 3-step process that can increase tradeshow sales for technology companies.

1. Before the show: Invite your prospects and clients to meet with you at the show. Host them at a meal to express gratitude and build the relationship.

BlogImage2TradeshowBusyA tradeshow is about People. Get to know your customers and prospects better over a meal together.

2. At the show: Listen to prospects and focus on benefits that achieve their business goals. Ask questions. Let them do the talking.  The best way to sell anything is listen for the need.  Have one-on-one meetings in the booth, suite or at a meal.

3. Socialize it on social media! Use #Hash tags, use as many visuals as possible, tweet company insights/benefits and news from the show.

BlogImage3SocializeItTweet your news. Use tradeshow #hashtags. Post pictures.

Good selling, and until next month,

Travel well. 

Julie Squires